How can I get the most out of using cat food coupons?

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Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy cat (or any pet). You can see the results by the condition of the skin and coat. Your pets will be active, jumping and playing.

Now, more than ever, people need to find ways to save money, while still feeding a nutrient-dense diet. The smart utilization of coupons is one way. Cat food coupons may be obtained on cat food packages, in pet stores, grocery stores, newspapers and on pet-related websites. Find out what the coupons are for and how to redeem them. This information should be printed on the back of the coupon or in the fine print. If not, contact the store or cat food company to find out how to redeem them.

Here’s a breakdown of how to find coupons:

• SURVEY, FOCUS GROUP PARTICIPATION: Many times they’ll thank you by providing gift cards and other rebates.


We’re not just talking coupons here. Major pet foods and treat brands routinely provide free samples and full pet food bag rebates on their company websites. These special promotions are often done in partnership with celebrities and non-profit causes—and often include full rebates and freebies. Make sure you monitor several websites, though, because the promotions are usually exclusive to specific social media venues.


Some pet food stores give away free quality pet food and treat samples. You may have to ask if any promotions are going on, however, because they usually keep the “freebies” hidden under counters.


Some pet stores give their customers membership cards. These not only alert you to discounts and other promotions, but they also help the store maintain customer loyalty. Also look at places like Sam’s Clubs, Costco and BJ’s.

Remember, abrupt changes in diet are never recommended, so you first want to get your cat on a food that is not only healthy, but one she enjoys eating. Remember, cats are finicky to begin with, so it is pretty necessary that you first choose one that she likes. In the long-term, she will benefit from a good, balanced, nutrient-rich food, because this will help prevent chronic illnesses and astronomical veterinary bills.
This is when you’ll really want to utilize coupons. Often, the specials are not advertised, so if you don’t see coupons in the newspapers, be sure to ask the stores—and then go directly on the manufacturer website and even call them, if necessary.

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