How can I get my dog to talk back to me?

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Although a dog can’t form words, there are man instances of dogs “talking back” to their owners using guttural sounds and barks. A dog that talks back to an owner will often do so to get attention, or when something is needed, like a potty break or food. Some dogs talk back more than others, and there is not real rhyme or reason why they do so.

To get your dog to talk back to you, it’s best that you talk to your dog often. Your dog doesn’t understand the conversation, but will pick up on the fact that if you are making noises, he should be making noises too. If you know another dog that talks back, such as a friend or family member’s dog, your dog may also pick up on how to communicate back to you from these dogs. Dogs often model their behavior after the behavior of a pack, so the more talking dogs you know, the greater your chances of getting your dog to talk.

You can also try to train your dog to bark or “speak” as many dog owners call it by rewarding and encouraging the behavior in a controlled environment. When your dog barks, say the word “speak” immediately after the bark and give your dog a food reward. Keep this up each time your dog barks so that he will eventually associate the word “speak” with the bark and the food reward.

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