How can I get my dog to stop wool sucking?

Wool sucking is a behavior that often occurs when a puppy is taken from its mother too soon after birth, and has not had a chance to be properly weaned. In cases such as these, a puppy will find substitutes for the mother’s nipple, which is most often a material with a consistency such as wool. Sucking on wool mimics the action of sucking on a mother’s nipple; it can provide comfort to a puppy, even though no milk is being given.

If wool sucking becomes a compulsive behavior, or a puppy starts to ingest any material as a result of wool sucking, you may need to take steps to stop it from happening. Keep any soft material that could be sucked on away from your dog and monitor his or her actions. Give the dog alternative toys to chew on and lick to divert the attention away from wool sucking.

Wool sucking is also a way for a puppy or dog to relieve anxiety. Make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise in order to reduce the stress in his life as much as possible. If none of these options work to curb the wool sucking, you should see a veterinarian who may prescribe anti-anxiety medication for a period of time until the urges to suck are quelled.

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