How can I get my dog to stop walking on countertops?

Dogs walk on countertops to fulfill their primal urge to scavenge for food. While some dogs may be searching for food on the countertops because they are hungry, others are most likely just doing it out of boredom or curiosity. Teaching your dog not to walk on countertops or stand on their hind legs to reach the countertop is important. While there may be food up there, there are also items that could potentially harm your dog, such as knives, chemical cleaning agents, and stovetop burners.

If you notice that your dog has become increasingly curious about the countertops and is trying to reach or jump to get on top, start correcting this behavior immediately. Tell your dog “no” whenever he tries to reach the countertop or jump up. Also, keep any tempting items off the countertop so that your dog will not be lured by his nose when he goes in search of food items.

Walking on the counters can become an obsessive or compulsive behavior for some dogs if left unpunished. This can be particularly dangerous if the dog has access to the kitchen and countertops while the owners are not at home. Block off the kitchen so that the dog does not have access while you are not home to supervise his behavior.

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