How can I get my dog to stop leaping up on guests?

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Dogs who leap on guests are in a heightened state of excitement and want to greet people the way that they greet other dogs. Dogs greet one another by sniffing each other’s faces. Because humans are so much taller than dogs, canines need to jump to reach a person’s face and properly say hello. Dogs who jump up on people are normally people pleasers who are seeking attention. However, this behavior can be annoying to dog owners and other people who do not want to be jumped on every time the dog wants to say hello.

In order to stop your dog from leaping up on guests, you need to teach your dog that the correct way to greet people is with all four paws on the floor. The first step is to ignore your dog when he jumps up to greet you. Give no affection, verbal communication or eye contact when this occurs. Your dog will eventually get the hint that you are not pleased with this behavior. Once all four of his paws are on the ground, then you can give affection and continue with verbal communication.

Keep practicing this technique, and get any other guests or family members to do the same. Your dog will eventually learn that in order to get affection and attention, he needs to have all four paws on the floor and be in a calmer state, instead of jumping on people. You can also have your dog sit and stay when a guest arrives. Give plenty of verbal praise and affection when your dog listens to the command and stays seated instead of jumping.

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