How can I get my dog to stop chasing her tail?

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A dog who constantly chases her tail can be annoying for the dog owner, and also annoying for her. Dogs who chase their tails are often doing so either out of boredom, restlessness or in order to get attention. Whatever the reason, it’s important to stop your dog from chasing her tail as soon as possible. Tail chasing is often a sign of anxiety, which can keep your dog from having a happy and healthy life. A dog that chases her tail will also often whine, lick excessively, chew and display other signs of being anxious or restless.

You can stop your dog from chasing her tail by making sure that she has plenty of exercise throughout the day. This will cut down on impulses like tail chasing that are used to burn energy. It will also tire your dog out, so that she will sleep more and not participate in destructive behaviors out of boredom. An exercised and tired dog is a happy dog.

Additionally, you can try giving your dog things to distract from the tail-chasing obsession. Interactive toys or objects like Kong balls stuffed with peanut butter or a special treat, will keep your dog occupied for a while. Also, try not to pay attention to your dog when she is chasing her tail by giving either positive or negative reinforcement. This will only perpetuate the undesirable action.

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