How can I get my dog from leaping on the newspaper?

Dogs leap on newspapers as their owners are trying to read it because they are attracted to the sound and shape of the newspaper. Theyalso may think that leaping at the paper and having it pulled away by the owner is a fun game. Dogs don’t always realize that some things just aren’t games, such as leaping at a newspaper, so you’ll need to train your dog to know that a newspaper is not a toy, and lunging at the newspaper is not an acceptable game.

You should start by simply telling your dog “no!” when he tries to leap at the newspaper as you are reading. Keep repeating the reprimand to let your dog know that you are not ok with the action. Refrain from pulling the newspaper away from the dog, making it into a game. Stay still and repeat “no!” adamantly when your dog tries to leap.

If your dog continues the leaping behavior, you can simply change the way you read the paper. Instead of holding the paper up in front of you in a place where your dog can easily leap at the paper, move to a table where you can lay the paper flat and read it that way, or lay the paper in your lap so that your dog cannot lunge at the paper while you are holding it up.

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