How can I get my dog from hogging my pillow at night?

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Some say sleeping with dogs is like sleeping with big, warm furry pillows, and that can be one of the most pleasurable experiences ever.

It can also be a nightmare, with the dog hogging the pillows, giving you a little tiny corner in which to sleep.

Here’s the good news, though. You can train your dog to coexist in the bed with you—and that starts the minute you decide to let your dog in with you.

• First, pick a spot for your dog in the room. If you want your dog to sleep on the bed, put a dog blanket or towel at the bottom of your bed. If you’d rather that she sleep in her own dog bed, put it down in the room, preferably next to, or very near, to your bed. Make sure that their area is safe, comfortable, and away from high traffic areas. Let the dog get used to it and make sure she seems like it.
• When you’re ready to go to sleep, give the command “Bedtime” in a cheerful voice, and point towards the bedroom. Guide her into her spot and proceed with your nightly routine, whether this is just changing and going to sleep, or whether you read or watch TV. Encourage a small amount of petting and loving with the dog, but don’t play with her or give her any toys.
• When it is time to go to bed, turn out the light. If the dog nudges you or barks, say a firm “No” and go to sleep.
• Ignore anything further that the dog does, including jumping on you or barking. When she has calmed down, praise her and tell her that she a good dog. However, do this while staying in your bed.

Let your dog walk or move around, but if she tries to get your attention, simply ignore her so she understands that sleeping is to be left alone.

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