How can I get my cat to stop begging for food from my plate during meals?

Cats can be huge moochers when it comes to food. Not only can a begging cat can be very frustrating, but the majority of foods that people eat simply are not suitable for cats to ingest. Some cats are even bold enough to jump up onto the table so they can help themselves to your dinner, which should be unacceptable behavior.

There are a few things that you can do to break your cat of bad table habits. It’s important to note that you should never strike your cat or otherwise hurt her as a means of punishment. It will only serve to damage the level of trust that your cat has built up towards you. Instead:

  • Remove the cat from the dining room or kitchen when you are eating. Put her in the laundry room, bedroom, or the bathroom and close the door to keep her away from the table at meal time.
  • Get an empty and clean spray bottle and fill it with water. Keep the spray bottle in the fridge until meal times. When your cat tries to beg when you are eating, spritz r her lightly with the water and say in a firm voice, “No!”
  • Ensure that your cat has eaten her breakfast or dinner before you eat. A full belly might make your feline a little bit less likely to try and beg you for your food.

It could take a bit of time before your cat accepts that she is not allowed to beg for food when you are eating; however, by following these suggestions, you will soon get the results that you want.

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