How can I get my cat to drink enough water each day?

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Dehydration is a serious veterinary medical emergency, and it can happen in just a matter of hours. If you feel your pet isn’t drinking enough water, add warm water to your pet’s dry or canned food, enough to where it’s soupy. You can also add chicken or vegetable broth to the food. You should also ask your veterinarian to suggest some additional alternatives, such as CatSip.
Other ideas to get your cat to drink more:
• Some cats prefer flowing water to water that just sits stagnant in a bowl. In this case you can try letting your cat drink out of a running faucet. But of course, this method may not always be feasible; for one, you don’t want to leave the faucet running constantly and, for another, you don’t want to encourage the cat to counter surf. In this case you may consider investing in a pet drinking fountain; these items constantly oxygenate the water so you’ll always have a fresh, clean stream.
• Cats often prefer colder water, which is why they may head for the toilet bowl. Add a couple of ice cubes to the bowl. Some cats also like to chase after ice cubes and end up drinking water in the process.
• Give her a different bowl; cats like unique textures, shapes and sizes so a new bowl might just encourage her.
• Sometimes after heavy activity, a pet may just forget to drink water. You might “refresh” her memory by holding the water bowl up to them and swishing a couple of your fingers in it to pique her interest.
• Maybe your pet simply doesn’t like the taste of tap water; depending on the water source, some water can taste pretty unpleasant. Filtered water is less expensive (you can even get one of those mechanisms for under $30) and it can be tastier and healthier.

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