How can I find a dog-friendly hotel?

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There are many dog-friendly hotels across the country that cater to travelers with canine companions. It used to just be that if you were traveling with a dog, you’d have to either camp out or stay in a dingy motel room that allowed pets. Now, more and more hotels are opening up their doors to dogs, and some even have special services just for pups.

Major hotel chains like the Ritz-Carlton, Kimpton Hotels, Best Western, Loews, Omni, Marriott Hotel, Sheraton, and Westin now allow pets. The list of pet-friendly hotels is extensive and can easily be accessed by doing a simple Internet search. Some hotels have restrictions on breed and weight, and many charge a fee for lodging a pet. Search for a pet-friendly hotel that matches the criteria you need before booking to avoid any potential problems.

Many hotels will pamper traveling pets by providing food bowls, bedding, leashes and treats. In addition, some hotels will offer pet sitting or dog walking services during your stay. Some luxury hotels even have spa services and in-room menus for pups who need a little extra relaxation on their vacation.

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