How can I find a company that allows pets in a recreational vehicle to rent for a trip?

You should always research thoroughly to find the RV that best suits your needs, and a dog is just part of those needs.

• Go to an RV lot to see all your options. There are also RV forums and information sites for new RVers, such as
• Be clear if you’ll use the RV for one way or a round-trip, because you may also need to contact airlines or trains about their pet policies.
• Get a list of RV rental agencies, in the phone book, by contacting local RV dealers, or by using the rental agency search feature offered by the Recreational Vehicle Rental Association.
• Be clear that you’ll be traveling with a dog and ask about additional fees: Some RV companies have additional pet fees or cleaning charges.

Map out your trip so you know ahead of time which facilities will allow your pet. Pet policies can change without notice, so make a quick check of a facility’s pet status just prior to getting on the road.
Many RV sites will accept dogs and other pets with certain restrictions. The most frequent rule is that pets must be leashed when outdoors. This rule is just as much for the dogs’ safety as for people; it prevents them chasing local wildlife, from digging into trash, from jumping up on people, or approaching people who might not like dogs or have an allergy.

Here’s a quick run-down of some bigger RV companies: Please contact them for specific information and updates. Again, it can’t be emphasized enough: Pet rules change quickly, so please keep checking.

• Apollo RV: “Small” dogs allowed (you’ll need to check specifics on what “small” means. Pet fee, but no additional deposit.
• Camping World: Size restrictions, pet deposit, cleaning deposit.
• Cruise World: Cleaning fee ONLY if it needs to be done.
• Road Bear: Doesn’t allow pets.

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