How can I dog proof my stove to prevent my dog from accidentally turning on the stove and starting a house fire?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, pets and other animals inadvertently set about 1,000 house fires every year in this country. Any animal can start a fire any time, but the fires usually involve a heat source, like a stove, light fixture, candle, embers, or a space heater.

Most fires are started when the stove or cook top is accidentally turned on, says the National Fire Protection Association. Pets are curious by nature and, they love to counter surf. Your dog sees a tasty morsel on or near the stove, her paw slips and she turns the knob. It happens more often during the holidays, when there’s a lot of cooking and baking happening.
Lights can be chewed, lit candles knocked over by tails and those dancing flames and crackling embers in fireplaces are really attractive.
Practice safety:
• Remove stove knobs, or at least cover to protect them when you’re away from the house
• Use flameless candles
• Supervise! Your pets can chew on lights or knock candles over
• Use stainless steel or ceramic water bowls: This might sound odd, but it’s more common than you think. Especially when it’s sunny and hot, a glass water bowl can start a fire; if left outside on a wooden deck, it can be accidentally flipped over and the empty dish can magnify the sun’s rays, starting a fire
• Secure young pets: Young puppies are especially energetic, playful and curious and best kept away from potential fire hazards. Use a crate or confine it to a separate room when you’re not at home.
• Use sprinklers or home monitoring systems: A sprinkler system will contain the fire to one spot, but a home monitoring system can actually watch your house and can be a relief it you travel a lot.
NOTE: Make firefighters aware of pets. Pet notification stickers are inexpensive and can be easily found in pet stores and online. It tells fire fighter how many pets to look for, so keep it up to date.

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