How can I create a mini-agility course using my furniture in my home?

If you want your dog to experience a canine agility course, but don’t want to sign him up for a formal class or take him to a training center, you can set up your own mini-agility course in your home. Using furniture you already have, or inexpensive materials purchased from local stores, you can easily set up a dog agility course in your home or in your backyard.

The most common obstacles used to create a canine agility course are tunnels, tire jumps, weave poles, standard jumps, a pause table or box, an a dog walk. Make this course suitable for your dog by considering the height of each obstacle and the difficulty level so that your dog is able to use the agility course without being injured. You can simulate these obstacles using furniture or objects that you may have at home. For example, weave poles and jumps can be constructed out of PVC pipe and a dog walk can be constructed out of a 2 x 10-foot board. A children’s play tunnel makes an excellent agility obstacle, and a pause table can be an ottoman or other low table.

You can get as creative as you want with constructing a dog agility course using furniture in your home, but just remember that you’ll need to show your dog how to use each obstacle. Be patient and reward your dog often as he is learning the mini agility course. It is also recommended that you do not use any expensive or valued furniture for the mini-agility course, as your dog may damage the pieces.

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