How can I build a scratching post with sisal rope and catnip?

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Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. They use it to exercise, communicate, play, trim their nails and to alleviate boredom. While they like many kinds of materials, they are particularly fond of sisal rope, especially with a rubdown of catnip.
The sisal rope is essential because cats need something effective and satisfying to claw. The post should be a few inches taller than the cat so that it can reach the top of the post at a full stretch. The cat should be able to mount the post as if it were a perch. It should be stable: A solid and heavy base will not tip over. If you place the post near furniture, you need to train the cat to use the post. Double-sided sticky tape on furniture will repulse the cat and steer it toward the post.

You’ll need:
• One cedar post (4-inch-diameter, 30-inches tall)
• Bundle of sisal rope (non-oiled)
• Piece of plywood, 3/4-inch-thick, 16-inch-tall, 16-inch wide

Make sure the cedar post is dry. Allow time to dry if it is not.

• Start with the end of the sisal rope and loop it once around the top of the post. Nail this loop to the post with several roofing nails.
• Wind the rope around the post snugly. Leave no space between each loop.
• Nail the loop at the bottom of the post in the same way that you did for the top loop.
• Ask a friend to help you place the post on the top side of the base. Turn upside down and hammer the four sinker nails into the post from the bottom side of the plywood base.
• Rub catnip over the sisal rope. Claw the sisal rope with your own nails to show your cat what it is supposed to do with the post.

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