How can I become an agility trainer?

To become a professional agility trainer, you’ll need to complete a certification course. These courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to train dogs in agility and obedience classes. You can find agility trainer programs throughout the country offered by a variety of different organizations. Find the training center that offers the types of programs that you want to complete within the timeframe and budget you are able to meet.

Most courses will have a comprehensive plan that involves study materials, reading materials and a hands-on training component. These courses are designed to give potential professional agility trainers a wealth of information not only about agility, but also about dog behavior, dog breeds, obedience cues, problem solving, safety, teaching group classes and possibly even extra courses on training shelter dogsor building a business.

Tuition costs and time commitments vary depending on the program. Many programs offer distance-learning packages with a less intense hands-on portion depending on the skill levels and knowledge that you want to achieve. Agility trainer programs are an excellent way for dog lovers to get the education necessary to become professional agility trainers.

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