How can I become an agility judge?

Becoming an agility judge for the top dog agility competitions around the world takes some time, patience and a lot of experience. Each governing board and organization has their own set of requirements to become an agility judge, but most require the same basic qualifications to become a judge. If you are interested in applying to be an agility judge, you should make sure to check the requirements for the specific organization you’d like to work with in order to make sure that you meet the requirements before applying.

Most organizations require at least three to five years agility competition experience. This gives judges an intimate knowledge about what it takes to handle and train dogs for an agility competition. Most judges have also won competitions. Additionally, most judges have then moved from being a competitor to being a time, scribe, or course builder for a competition.

There are also seminars and tests that must be passed to become an agility judge in most professional organizations. These tests are generally closed book and involve a written component and a course analysis component. If these tests are passed, then a judge can be approved to work on a novice competition in order to display competency before moving up to being a professional agility judge in major competitions.

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