How can I avoid stepping on my dog?

Dog owners with small dogs often ask the question, “How can I avoid stepping on my dog?” Small dogs have a tendency to run by our feet, or be in places where they can easily be stepped on. You may not see them until the last second, or until it’s too late, and step on a part of their body like their tail or paw. In worst-case scenarios, you may step on the dog’s body and cause him serious damage if he does not move in time.

You can avoid stepping on your dog by being very careful about where you are walking around the house. This is especially important in highly trafficked areas, like hallways or kitchens, where your dog is more likely to get stepped on. If you know that you are going to be walking around a lot in a certain area of the home, such as the kitchen while making dinner, you can block off the area so that your dog cannot enter while you are moving about.

When you have guests over, you can also put your dog in a safe and comfortable room, such as a bedroom or a guest room, so that he will be out of harms way as guests enter and exit the home. You could also affix a small bell to your dog’s collar so that you are more aware of where he is at all times.

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