How can a cat win a blue ribbon at a cat show?

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Cat shows are arranged in individual judging rungs with a judge per ring. Each judge awards ribbons per ring, with blue, red, and yellow ribbons awarded to males and females individually. Cats in first place also receive striped red, white, and blue winner’s ribbons.

When any cat accrues six winner’s ribbons in the open category, he is considered a “champion” and moves into competition with other champions. After earning 200 points, the title “grand champion” is awarded.

Cats under 8 months of age can receive first through third place ribbons, but not winner’s or best-of-breed ribbons. Altered cats are designated “premier” after earning six winner’s ribbons, and grand premier when they earn 75 points.

After the open category has been evaluated, champion and premiers are awarded by gender. Ribbons include black for best-of-color, white for second best-of-color, brown for best-of-breed, orange for second best-of-breed, and purple for best champion / premier of breed or divisions.

At the end of the show, finals are held and rosette ribbons are handed out to the top ten favorite cats in the judge’s estimation.

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