A Hotel In Colorado Is Hiring A Butler To Look After Its ‘Greeting Dog’

Have you ever wanted to be a full-time Fur Butler? Well, now you can since Kitty, the St. Regis Aspen’s Bernese mountain dog mascot is hiring his own butler!

The job description states helping Kitty get through his typical daily tasks since as daily walks, airport pickups, playdates, property tours, and pet amenity deliveries. You would also be assisting Kitty in hosting kids’ storytimes, attending community events, giving good-night nuzzles and welcoming guests to the property, as well. Also, the Fur Butler would be responsible for coordinating the hotel’s monthly Bark ‘n’ Brew event – which is a party on the patio specifically for hotel guests and other community members.

According to the Facebook posting, the role is a full-time hourly position, and the role reports to the front office team. The Fur Butler is also expected to work closely with the director of marketing.

In case you’re wondering who your potential future boss is, then there is a picture of Kitty by the pool, courtesy of his personal Instagram page:

The job posting also notes, “The Fur Butler’s success is rooted in a deep passion for animals, service, uncompromising standards, the ability to anticipate needs, and impeccable interpersonal skills.”

In addition, the hotel is also seeking someone with an interest in photography and social media. It would be presumed that you’ll be assisting to manage Kitty’s Instagram feed – which has 42.8K followers.

If you are interested, there are two steps in the application. The first is to post a video or photo to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #kittysfurbutler as a demonstration as to why Kitty should choose you to work with him in Aspen.

“Kitty would love to know what makes you the purr-fect person,” the post says.

The second portion of the application is to email your resume to kitty@stregis.com and include all your social media handles. Then, if you’re lucky, Kitty will get in touch.


In case you’re curious about the story behind Kitty and the hotel, you’ll have to know that it’s steeped in history. The founder of the original St. Regis in New York in 1904, John Jacob Astor IV, had a dog named Kitty. And yes, Titanic history buffs will know this pair from their tragic story. In order to honor Kitty’s legacy, the Aspen resort chose to name the Bernese mountain dog after the original kitty.

Kitty Jacob Astor II arrived in Aspen in September 2018, and he was officially introduced to the world at the resort’s Christmas tree lighting where Santa presented him as a gift. He’s a bit bigger now, but he’s still so adorable.

Will you be applying for this opportunity?

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