Owner Walking Their Dog Finds Hot Dogs Filled With Nails Scattered Across Area Lawns

The news out of Newport, Rhode Island is not good for animal lovers. The police are investigating something that occurred after a report came in from a resident walking their dog. It seems as if they found hotdog pieces scattered across the lawn with nails on the inside.

Ask any pet owner and they will tell you, having a pet is a responsibility and they would do anything to make sure their animals were happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not everybody has that same viewpoint and some people tend to take things into their own hands in the worst way when they are unhappy about animals in the area. Regardless of whether these were left for dogs or for wild animals, it’s an outrage to think that somebody would treat animals in this way.

The police reported that the hotdog pieces were found in the Thurston Avenue area on Monday.

If you happen to have any information that may help with this case, the Newport Police Department is asking that you call Detective Patrick Walsh at (401) 845-5775.

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