Here’s To Happy Paws!

Hot sand can be such a downer, especially if you have sensitive paws like this pooch. This gorgeous girl hated to be in the sun due to her achy paws. BUT NO MORE! Her humans got her brand new shoes and now she’s all good to run around!

It takes some getting used to but this pup is all about the new adventure. She happily runs around like “Look at me. Look at me!” Isn’t she too sweet?!

Shoes like these are a great idea for hot concrete as well. Did you know that dogs can get badly burned by hot concrete? YES! If you run onto a hot driveway, it hurts right? Well, it can hurt them too. That is why it is recommended to walk your dog when the sun isn’t so strong. But now, with shoes like these, you can walk them anytime. So long as your dog stays hydrated, the sun should be okay. Also, dogs can sunburn so always be aware that things like sun and heat are okay in moderation.

Here’s to happy paws!

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