Veterinarian Starts Free Network Service To Find Forever Homes For Special Needs And Hospice Pets

Veterinarians are committed to caring and saving the lives of animals, but one vet went above and beyond for animals in need.

Dr. Liz Arbittier, the University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian, spends her days and many nights saving the lives of animals. Also, for the past 15 years she has personally adopted special needs and hospice animals ranging from senior dogs with health issues to blind horses. This animal hero didn’t stop there, she recently started a free networking site for special needs and hospice pets.

Finding homes for healthy and young shelter pets is difficult, but when you add in special needs or terminal illnesses, there are even fewer potential adopters. Dr. Liz started a free networking website that list all of the special needs or hospice pets by each state.

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

Hospice Pet lists shelter pets and private listings. The goal is that no hospice pet spends their final days in a shelter, but instead in a loving home. So far, the website has helped at least one pet a week find a loving home.

“Regardless of how long or short they have left, we are a community who believes that every life matters and every living creature deserves to be loved and safe at the end,” posted Hospice Pet.

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

So how does it work?

“We are not a physical rescue and do not have these animals in our care. All animals are at their own shelters/rescues/private homes and we are just trying to help them meet adopters. Because of how we work, we have never assessed these animals ourselves and are relying on the submission information to be accurate.”

Once someone falls in love with one of the adoptable pets, they reach out to the rescue or individual to complete the adoption. The website is just a way to introduce the two and help raise awareness. There are over 300 pets listed on the site and new animals are constantly being added. All are featured on Hospice Pet’s Facebook page.

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

There have been many success stories and although some of the hospice pets only lived a few weeks with their new families before crossing the rainbow bridge, they spent their last days in a loving home.

“Some of these animals have only weeks to live, some have months, and some have years. We truly believe that people willing to welcome special needs animals into their homes are unicorns and we value and appreciate you!! Our success with this project proves that there are many of these unicorns out there just waiting for their next Hospice Pet!”

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

Recently, a young Boxer-mix named Caya was listed proving that not all special needs pets are seniors. The adorable and goofy pup does not let her Megaesophagus slow her down, except when she eats. She is looking for a loving family that will take a little extra time to help her swallow all her food.

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

A beautiful spayed female kitten named Quinn is blind and looking for a forever home. Other postings are for dogs that need wheelchairs to get around or pets with arthritis, tumors, or other health issues. All deserve to be loved and are simply waiting for their right person to come along.

Photos: Facebook/Hospice Pet

If you have room in your home and heart for one of these gentle and loving pets you can find out more on the network’s website. Please share this with all your animal-loving friends in hopes that more people will open their homes to special needs and hospice pets.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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