Hospice Patient Gets Her Dying Wish To Snuggle A Basket Full Of Kittens

Death is an inevitable stop on the journey of life. As humans, when one of our own is on their way out, we do our best to make their last requests come true.

So when the Great Plains SPCA received a request to cuddle some kittens from a dying resident in hospice care at the GC Hospice in Kansas City, Missouri, they knew that had to make it come true.

As the Great Plains SPCA shared, “We all know that pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. So when we heard from GC Hospice that they had a resident whose only wish was to snuggle some kittens, we couldn’t say no. We brought not just one but a whole basket of kittens to snuggle up to!”

Carol was the resident who wished to have some kitten love. When she was presented with a basket of kittens, her face completely lit up with happiness.

“Oh, they’re so precious!” she exclaimed while playing with the kittens.

Carol and her caretakers all got to enjoy cuddles with the precious little tykes. There was one little kitten who seemed to understand that Carol probably needed a little extra love because it chose to cuddle up beside Carol’s neck to take a nap.

Carol’s wish was a part of the GC Hospice’s “Happiness Is…” program. We all can agree with Carol that happiness is, indeed, kittens.

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