7 Horses Were Rescued From Death After They Were Stranded On An Island In Rapidly Rising Water

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A herd of seven horses were stranded on Ballymacegan Island on the River Shannon in Ireland after water levels were rapidly rising.

Their owner was unable to save them on his own, so he alerted the Athlone Sub Aqua Club. They used a rescue boat and jetski, and had many divers in drysuits swim out to the horses to guide them off the island and over the Galway shore.

Thankfully, the rescue was successful, and the horses all cooperated. According to rescuers, the animals wouldn’t have survived another night on the island, since the water was three feet up on them, and they were freezing with obvious signs of distress.

Once the horses were brought to safety on the shore, they were taken to be examined and are now in a warm stable. They recovered well and made a full recovery! Watch the rescue in the video below:

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