Two Horses Rescued After Becoming Trapped In ‘Quicksand-Like Mud’

Firefighters rushed to save two horses in Marion, Massachusetts, trapped neck-deep in ‘quicksand-like mud’.

Marion Fire Department received the call for help and dispatched multiple teams to the scene. One of the horses was actually a mule named Girlie and the other horse was named Tick.

They were both having a hard time breathing and rescuers immediately started to dig the mud away, but it was an uphill battle.

Photos: Facebook/Stephanie Davis

Rescuers were determine to save the horses and worked tirelessly for three hours to dig them out. They used boards, straps, pulleys, and multiple other tools to finally free the horses from the mud.

Photos: Facebook/Stephanie Davis

“I really did not think they were going to be gotten out–such determination, kindness and caring from everyone involved was amazing–absolute fantastic team,” posted Stephanie Davis, owner of the horses.

A vet examined the horses and reported they are doing well thanks to all the heroes who dove into the mud to help them.

Photos: Facebook/Stephanie Davis

“We are pleased to report that both animals are recovering and doing well at this time,” wrote the department. “Special thanks to all the members of the department who worked tirelessly in this effort.”

People in the community were relieved to hear the horses were doing well and one person commented, “That is amazing 😮 I can’t believe how deep they fell into the mud. That is definitely scary to see them like that. Great to hear the horses are doing well.”

Photos: Facebook/Stephanie Davis

Davis provided an update on the horses stating, “They are eating, drinking and pooping well (which is very important for horses after something like this), have had some meds and electrolytes, have had most of the mud cleaned off but will be getting a major bath tomorrow when it warms up 🙂 They wouldn’t be enjoying life if it weren’t for all the awesome people who helped us yesterday.”

Photos taken by Davis provide just a glimpse into what the heroes had to endure to save the horses’ lives. Overcome with gratitude she said, “Thank you thank you thank you for all everyone did to help our horses here–above and beyond, dealing with the quicksand-like mud, digging away the mud so they could breathe–you all are real heroes. Thanking you with all my heart.”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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