A Woman Lies Down To Cuddle With Her Horses, And The Results Show How Strong Their Bond Really Is

Animals are amazing creatures. Many are extremely intelligent, and each have their own personality. When you think of dogs, you think of loyal, affectionate pets. When you think of cats, you think of independent yet still pretty affectionate. But when you think of horses, you probably don’t think of them being cuddly and affectionate. Believe it or not, horses can be just as loving as dogs!

The horses in the video below absolutely adore their human and love showing it. When she lies on the ground with them, they don’t hesitate to give her some snuggles and lie on her lap. They love the attention and even give her kisses! It’s obvious that this woman is an amazing mom to these horses. The bond she shares with them is unique and undeniable! Watch for yourself in the video below:

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