Men Worked Together To Rescue A Horse Trapped Under Icy Creek As Time Was Running Out

A horse found himself stuck in a freezing creek in Alberta, Canada last week. Thankfully, 20-year-old Cody Scott came to save the day.

Around noon, a neighbor came to ask him if he could help her find her horse who had wandered off. He hopped on his snowmobile and headed out to look for him.

He then saw a man who was also looking for the horse and then they both found the poor animal with only his head and neck sticking out of the ice in Lloyd Creek.

He called the local fire department for assistance. They first tried tying a rope around the horse and pulling him out using the snowmobile, but he wouldn’t budge. The horse remained calm but was having a hard time breathing and began to stiffen up from the ice and cold.

The rescue had gone on for three hours until they were finally able to lift the horse out to safety. The horse was immediately brought to the care of a veterinarian and is recovering. Watch part of the rescue in the video below:

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