After Surviving 3 Suicide Attempts, She Now Finds Strength In The Same Animal She Was Once Afraid Of

Morgan Hubbard was extremely depressed, suffered from social anxiety, and was being bullied at school. She attempted suicide several times and ended up in a coma. But now, she is a part of something that has helped her overcome her depression: a mentoring program at the Jester Park Equestrian Center in Granger, Iowa.

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She was paired with a sixth-grader from Hillside Elementary School to work on leadership and teamwork skills. She was also one of six students picked for the Leading with Horses program. She was scared of horses before she began the program, but now, she finds strength in them.

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“They can tell when you’re scared of them. They can tell when you’re happy. They can tell when you’re sad. And they react to that same thing,” she told USA Today. “It helps that I learned a lot about them. I like the way they look, the way they move. I guess you can say I’m obsessed.”

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