Horse Hadn’t Seen His Owner In Weeks. When He Spots Her In The Field, His Reaction Is Heartwarming

Animals may have a lot of differences from humans, but they also have a lot in common with us. Just like us, they have feelings, and many of them are extremely intelligent creatures. Horses, for example, are very smart. They have the ability to learn but also have the ability to work things out for themselves. Of course they also have feelings and can develop special bonds with humans.

This horse in particular has an extremely close relationship with his human. His owner was on vacation for three weeks, which also meant three weeks away from her horse. When she returned home, she walked to the field to greet her horse who was out in the distance. As soon as the horse sees his owner, he runs full speed across the field toward her. Their reunion is so heartwarming and sincere. The horse leans his head against his owner while she gives him a hug. It’s very clear that they’ve missed each other and also that they have a very special and irreplaceable bond. Hopefully the two of them don’t have to be apart that long ever again!

Watch their reunion for yourself in the video below, and prepare for your heart to melt to soup!

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