This Horse Looks In The Mirror And Cannot Believe What He Sees!

You never know what to expect before you look in the mirror. It could be your best hair day ever and you like what you see; or it could be Sunday morning after a night out with your friends and you look like hell just froze over. Whatever it is, it’s hard not to take a peak while walking past a mirror. This horse looks in the mirror, for what may be the first time, and just like many other animals, his reaction is too funny.

With some animals, mirrors don’t phase them. While others are obsessed with mirrors and bark/meow at them and try to pick a fight with the little animal on the other side. This horse isn’t too sure what to make of this whole mirror thing. I’m not sure if he’s just completely enamored with himself, or if he thinks it’s another horse on the other side. He keeps staring into the mirror but then he looks on the side of the mirror, and it almost looks like he’s trying to see around it. He makes grunt noises at his reflection and when he gets a little close he even backs away quickly. “Who is this big thing in the mirror and why is he following my every move?!” His reaction is priceless.

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