A News Reporter Begins Filming A Shot In Front Of A Stable. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Horse!

A Greek television news reporter was filming a shot in front of a stable, but he wasn’t the only one who got some air time. The horse in the stable behind him really wanted him moment of fame! The video from Makedonia TV shows the reporter in several outtakes as the horse, named Frankie, repeatedly nuzzles him in the shot, causing him to laugh.

Every time the journalist begins his report on dressage exercises, the horse comes up from behind and begins sniffing him. The video has since gone viral, quickly racking up over 10,000 views. There are many comments on it, one reading: “Well treated horses are always looking for a slobbery kiss. They love to love, and that’s a well-loved horse.” It’s definitely heart-warming to see how affectionate and loving this horse is! That’s one lucky guy! Watch the hilarious incident in the video below:

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