An Exhausted Horse Was Stuck In Muddy Water. It Took 30 People To Save Her…

A rescue team spent two hours saving a 13-year-old horse that fell into muddy waters at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado, and couldn’t get out on her own. The horse, named Cupcake, had just taken a ride in a rural area near Denver right before she collapsed. Her owner immediately alerted help, and more than fifteen responders arrived at the scene. Cupcake was exhausted, lying in knee-deep water.

Firefighters had to hold up her head while they thought of a rescue plan. A veterinarian was on scene to help with the rescue, giving Cupcake an IV of vitamins, steroids and anti-inflammatory medication to help her stand back on her feet. “Some horses give up. Cupcake didn’t want to give up. You could see it in her eyes, she didn’t want to give up,” the veterinarian, Dr. Dale Rice, told local ABC station KMGH-TV. Cupcake left with no injuries and is now doing well. Watch the rescue below:

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