This Woman Takes Her Dog and Horse Out for a Skate Instead of a Walk

When a person adopts a pet, the animal becomes their best friend and most cherished companion. Doing activities with them is one of the most anticipated moments in your daily life. Even lounging on the bed with them during the weekends gives you happiness. And just like you, your pets are excited to spend time with you, especially outside. Once you’ve built a routine, you will find them waiting by the door on schedule every day.

Photo: TikTok/vandiego.rico

Pet parents have various ways to bond with their babies, including walking, road trips, jogging, playing in the park, etc. But for one woman on TikTok named Sarah, putting on rollerblades is a sign for her pets that a good time awaits them. She doesn’t only take her pet horse and dog out for a walk — she skates, and her pets love it. Sarah uploads those skating moments with her horse and dog on TikTok.

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One of her videos even reached 32 million views. It was a beautiful shot of Sarah, her horse Van Diego, and her dog, Kalle, having a fun moment while the sun sets. What people find more impressive is how Van Diego was incredibly trained to follow Sarah, who was happily skating with no leashes or leads attached. The moment was definitely freeing and proved how wonderful the relationship is. Sarah glides, and her pets running along seem to be experiencing something truly therapeutic. Even while just watching on screen, you can feel the joy radiating from their bond.

Sarah also has another horse named Rico, and she also takes him out for a walk while she glides on the road. The two horses are her precious partners since Sarah also engages in equestrian. Aside from her skating skills, Sarah shows her talent in equestrian on Tiktok and their Instagram page. You can also feel in the content she uploads that she dearly loves her horses and treats them respectfully. They all share a wonderful life in Germany, and you can witness that on their social media pages.

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