This Tiger Spent Years In A Circus, Being Trained With Whips. Now, He Lives A Life Of Luxury!

Hoover, a 12-year-old tiger, lives an amazing life at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, but life wasn’t always so great for Hoover.

Hoover was forced to live in a tiny cage and perform in a Peruvian circus that defied Peru’s wild animal ban. They were running from Animal Defenders International for eight months. Hoover was initially with 12 other tigers. His final cage mate passed away, leaving Hoover as the only survivor.

After finding out about their whereabouts, ADI arrived for a surprise raid. Hoover was then rescued and brought to ADI’s rescue center in Peru, where they cared for him and nursed him back to health.

Once he was healthy, they flew him to Big Cat Rescue in Florida. Now he gets to live amongst the forest, swim in a giant lake, play with toys, and never have to worry about entertaining humans or being harmed by them ever again!

Watch his full story and rescue in the video below:

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