Senior Shelter Dog Was Sick And Depressed. But When She Goes Into Foster Care, Her Spirit Is Lifted

Los Angeles shelter and West Valley Animal Care Center work together with Best Friends Animal Society to save the lives of thousands of helpless animals. An eight-and-a-half year old dog, named Honeybee, was transferred to Best Friends Animal Society’s Mission Hills Pet Adoption Center where they were able to address her plethora of health problems.

She was suffering from a bad hip, Pancreatitis and depression, and was not in good spirits at all. They decided to place her into wellness care with a foster home. It was the best decision they could have made! She got to ride home in her new mom’s car (which she loved), and she perked right up. Her spirits were much brighter and she seemed much happier. She loved going for walks and just being a dog. She went from always looking down at the floor, to always wagging her tail! Watch her incredible transformation in the video below:

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