This Pup Runs Around With A Homemade Dog Selfie Stick. And It Created The Most Adorable Selfie Video Ever!

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This Pup’s owner thought it would be a good idea to make his dog a homemade selfie stick. So he attached a GoPro to a rawhide and gave it to her. It turns out, that this dog selfie stick was a brilliant idea after all! Warning: you may get extremely dizzy! But it’s definitely worth watching! Lola, a German Shorthaired Pointer, has the rawhide-turned-selfie-stick in her mouth as she runs all over while her owner chases her.

We get an awesome point of view the entire video as we are on the ground, looking straight up into the big house’s vaulted ceilings which now seem so far away from us. Lola becomes the center of attention as the camera is positioned perfectly on her adorable face. It’s cool to get a new perspective on things sometimes! The best part is when Lola’s Dalmatian doggy pal tries to steal away the rawhide!

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