Homeless Man’s Stolen Dog Is Found And Reunited With Her Original Family

We’d previously brought you the story of Nathan, a homeless man who had his beloved dog Shaggy stolen from him. He was desperate to get her back and appealed to the kindness and sympathy of the public to help return her to him.

But there is good news – Shaggy was found! She was found last Thursday, believed to have been stolen from Nathan in Sydney’s Circular Quay, and then later dumped. When the theft occurred, the Facebook page Pets Of The Homeless Australia took to social media in order to raise awareness of the theft.

Even though Shaggy has been found, she will not be returning to a life on the streets. After the news went viral of Shaggy’s story, her original family actually managed to come forward and reclaim her. As it turned out, someone had previously stolen Shaggy – originally named Dee Dee – from her home only to later dump her in a dumpster, which is where Nathan found her. At the time, Shaggy/Dee Dee’s original family were looking for her, and even reported her theft to the police, but nothing ended up coming from it.

During this time, Nathan was there to care for the older dog. In an updated post by the Pets Of The Homeless Australia, they had to write, “We would like to make it very clear that Nathan was not involved in either that theft or her disappearance on Sunday.”

The post added, “He rescued Shaggy and cared for her in good faith, and without him she would certainly have died in the bin where the callous first thief presumably dumped her.”

When Shaggy/Dee Dee was stolen from Nathan, she ended up getting dumped again, this time in Sydney’s inner west. That is where the little pup was found by a stranger who picked her up and took her to a local vet. The microchip scan then revealed her original owners’ contact information. That is when Shaggy’s original name was revealed to be Dee Dee.

As the updated post shared, her original family was thrilled to have her back home with them. They also shared that Nathan was distraught over having to give her up, but he understood she had to go home. The post also shared that Nathan is asking for people to stop trying to contact him via the number posted on the original plea.

The post followed up saying, “It’s appalling and infuriating to think that the disgusting acts of two thieves has caused so much heartbreak.”

But there could be some good news on the horizon for Nathan as he is now receiving support in his quest to get out of homelessness. Plus, there is a chance that he could potentially be getting another furry friend!

The update on Facebook said, “We know our community will be pleased that Shaggy/Dee Dee found her way back to her first family, and equally happy that Nathan now has access to more resources and support. We wish both him AND Shaggy nothing but happiness.”

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