She Spent Her Nights Sleeping On Cold Concrete. Now, She’s Finally Feeling Love…

Zuzi was a homeless dog rescued by Howl Of A Dog last year. Zuzi was living in a parking lot in Romania. She drank from puddles, slept on the cement, and struggled to survive the cold winter outside. The only food she ate was leftovers from some of the employees nearby, but there were also some people who would chase her away.

When rescuers arrived, they could tell Zuzi was frightened. Every time they got close to her, she would start to bark and sometimes try to bite. They were told that Zuzi had been traumatized in the past when dogcatchers chased her and brutally tried to catch her with their catchpoles. This explained why she was so untrusting of humans. Because of these terrible experiences, they decided that using a catchpole was out of the question.

With the help of a veterinarian, they decided that using a tranquilizer would be the best and safest way to get Zuzi. Eventually, she calmed down and let them go near her. When they got closer, they noticed that she was full of fleas and wounds, which could’ve been from scratching or bites from other dogs.

They immediately got her medical attention and took great care of her. Zuzi got to sleep in a real bed, and never has to worry about sleeping on cement out in the cold ever again. She has learned to trust humans again, and is doing great.

Her sad story made its way around the world, and a family in Canada wanted to adopt her. They reached out and took the necessary steps, and are now Zuzi’s new furever family! Zuzi traveled 5,000 miles to her furever home, and is now living the best life EVER!

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