Read the Story of a Generous Man Helping Hundreds of Homeless Cats in Hawaii

Animals enter a person’s life just exactly when they need them to be there. In times of deep anxiety, animals unexpectedly become the most comforting companion. It’s as if they know what bothers and saddens a human being — understanding grief through their ability to empathize. They are a gift to humankind, and animals deserve to be loved. Respect and care should be given as they help the planet maintain its natural harmony.

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There are a lot of stories involving animals and humans that definitely touched the hearts of many. A man from Hawaii dedicated his life to helping hundreds of stray cats — they became his life for the last three years. His generosity was a way of giving thanks for the existence of cats in his life. Gregory Brandt was accompanied by two felines when he went through a homeless phase, and they became his best friends — both helped him survive the fear and anxiety of the unknown future. Gregory named the cats Moses and Keanu.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

“Every single night, they were there with me, by my side,” says Gregory. He brought his love for cats when he eventually moved to an apartment. The generous man from Hawaii already made a cat friend, which he named Meow-Meow. Gregory won the female cat’s heart with food, and Meow-Meow brought her friends the next day. Before sunrise, cats visit Gregory’s place, and he is always happy to provide them with food. Three years later, about 100 cats visit Gregory daily.

“For the last years, actually, I’ve been waking up every morning before sunrise, so I can feed almost 100 street cats near downtown Honolulu, Hawaii,” Gregory shared. “If I’m a little late, they’ll be literally scratching at my door. So, I always try to get there a few minutes early, and I give them fresh food and fresh water every day.” Gregory’s dedication is incredible, and he hasn’t missed a day — a consistent blessing to the homeless cats in his town. He even pledged that taking care of cats and feeding them would be his priority as long as he is alive. According to Gregory, there are two million homeless cats in Hawaii; if he could, he would’ve taken care of them.

Gregory’s love for cats even reached the point where he had to fight for their rights. Recently, a bill was passed permitting people to hurt and chase off cats called HB1987. Due to the inhumane bill, Gregory started a petition, and he received the support of 12,000 signatures. He took the lead, and the bill was stopped. Gregory is indeed an exemplary citizen of Hawaii, aiming to provide homeless cats with a proper sanctuary.

Watch the video below to learn more about Gregory and his advocacy. You can also follow him and his cats on Instagram and on TikTok.

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