Sick Dog Was Dumped At A Shelter By His Owner. He Was Crying In Pain, And Then They Realized Why…

A tiny Yorkie dubbed ‘Hollywood’ was dumped at the Hollywood police station by a woman who said she “had to go to work” and “was busy.”

To make matters worse, the Yorkie was not only dumped, but he was also extremely sick. He couldn’t even walk and needed medical attention as soon as possible. Police were unsure if this poor pup would even make it through the day.

That’s when Rose Mone from the Hollywood Police Department called her friend at the Glimmer of Life Small Dog Rescue of South Florida, who agreed to help.

They set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his medical expenses. Aside from being weak, the dog also needed surgery for bladder stones, a teeth cleaning, and had to be neutered. After taking an x-ray, they discovered that his bladder was almost six to ten times the size that it should be.

“He was slowly filling up like a water balloon and at the point that we saw him, he was literally knocking on death’s door,” Paul Camilo, program administrator at the hospital, told the station.

This week, the dog received a two-hour surgery and is now recovery. He’s in much better spirit, and it definitely seems like he knows he’s being saved. Thank goodness he got a second chance.

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