You Can’t Help But Laugh As This Hilarious Pup Has A Blast With A Hair Dryer!!

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Puppies tend to have a blast no matter what they’re doing. Take my black lab puppy for example, when I was younger my black lab had the best time doing everything! Whether is was going on a walk around the neighborhood, getting into the trash, or just running down the stairs to chase a ball, she was always smiling and wagging her tail just like this hilarious basset hound!

This adorable and laugh-inducing pup seems to have discovered the joys of a hair dryer!! Lol!! The little basset hound just can’t get enough of this strange, air-blowing machine. The face the little guy makes?? Priceless! And the music the owner selected to put to the entire scene makes it even better! You’ll definitely want to turn the volume up for this video!

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