You’re Going To Want To Hear What This Hilarious, Chatty Chihuahua Has To Say!

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We all have those days where we have a lot we need to get off our chest. Sometimes it’s ranting to a friend about an annoying coworker or it’s to let off some steam about your outrageously loud downstairs neighbor. No matter the reason, we all just need some time to vent now and then, and this chatty Chihuahua is no different!

The little pup makes some hilarious sounds I’ve never heard come from a dog as she gets all the issues she’s been bottling up off her fluffy chest. If only Eliza Thornberry was around to translate for us then we could find out what’s making this talkative canine so heated! Comment and let us know your best guess as to what this adorable puppy is chatting about!

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