Tiny Eyes Staring Back From Guard Rail Prompt Couple To Take A Closer Look

Driving late at night, Erin Hutchko was trying to keep her eyes on the road, but for a brief second, and at a pretty fast clip, she saw a tiny pair staring back at her.

Hutchko and her husband, Markus Heyder, turned the car around and passed by again, this time with a dashboard camera recording. Indeed, a small animal had perched on a perilous guard rail, just feet from speeding traffic. On a third pass, they were able to slow down and rescue the animal: a tiny kitten, offering no detail as to how she arrived in the predicament.

“She said she saw something alive on the bridge as we sped by at 60MPH, so we looped around, and then she swore that something looked at her, so we looped around again. Third time was a charm,” Heyder wrote on Facebook.

Hutchko got out first, taking a towel with her, followed by Heyder. The two approached slowly, so as not to startle the kitten into a worse situation.

“I was pumping the brakes and had the emergency blinkers on… both our hearts were beating, we were scared he was going to jump,” Heyder wrote.

They grabbed the tortoiseshell kitten and quickly got back in the vehicle.

“What you can’t see in the video [below] is her jumping around the back of the support beam clinging to an inch of concrete, which is why I had to reach over the edge to grab under her so she didn’t fall off,” Hutchko commented.

Now home with the happy family, Bridgett Joy Turtle Heyder weighs one and a half pounds after six weeks, and she’s getting healthier each day.

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