Drivers Risked Their Lives To Save Two Dogs Who Were Sprinting Down A Freeway

What looks like a scene out of a movie, were people stopping on a Southern California freeway to help two dogs who were running scared alongside traffic. Drivers, some who fled their vehicles, tried to corral the dogs, a German Shepherd and Boxer. Although unsure how the dogs got there, the drivers knew they had to help these dogs before they wound up getting hit by a car.

Rochelle Vargas and another driver captured the pups after they ran nearly a mile through traffic. After they were rescued, the two exhausted dogs were given water and brought to an animal shelter near San Gabriel Valley. One dog appeared to be wearing a collar but it is still unclear whether these dogs have an owner or if they were abandoned. But the most important thing is that these dogs made it out of that scary situation alive and are now safe! Thank God for these heroic drivers!! Watch the daring rescue below:

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