They’re Just Playing A Game Of Hide-And-Seek. But, Watch What Happens When The Dog Finds Them!

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Dogs are very entertaining animals and are always so much fun to play with. This cute pup plays hide-and-seek with his little humans, and manages to crack us up! His little humans hide under an inflatable pool while he’s far away. Once they’re hidden, he runs towards the pool, trying to find them. He pushes up the pool and crawls under it…and never comes out…

He stands up under the pool and begins to walk away, bringing the pool with him. With two laughing kids left behind, the silly pup runs across the backyard with the pool still over him. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the pool was possessed, moving around the backyard on its own! Finally the kids catch the running pool and sit on it until the pup comes running out from under it, wagging his tail. What a silly doggy!

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