Mom Takes Picture Of Her Deceased Son’s Dog, Gets Chills When She Notices Ray Of Light

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Justin Rollins was a 22-year-old soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers. When he was stationed in Samarra, Iraq, he befriended a group of stray puppies.

Sadly, Rollins was killed by a roadside bomb, but the day before he had posed for pictures with the dogs. One of those pictures was sent to his mom back at home in the United States.

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After Rollins died, his mother searched endlessly for the dog who her son was holding in that photo. She finally found the dog and adopted him. That dog was the last living thing that Rollins had touched before he was killed, so being with the dog made his mother feel a certain connection to her son. Rollins’ family named the dog Hero.


One cloudy day, a news crew was at the Rollins residence filming an interview with them. But then something happened that sent chills down everyone’s spines. In a photo of Hero, a ray of light shone down on him. Their family believes this was a sign from their son, letting them know that he’s watching over Hero and his family.

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