This Service Dog Has Some Unbelievable Talents… He Truly Is His Mom’s Hero!

Say hello to this little hero named Colt! Colt is a service dog and he is a vital member of his owner’s every day life. Colt’s mom suffers from a traumatic brain injury that, not only, can cause fainting spells and seizures, but also limits her in a lot of things. So Colt, quite literally, does everything for his mom! He’s been trained to watch for warning signs of seizures and fainting spells and is able to warn his momma before either can occur. But that’s not all this pup does! In addition to watching for seizures, Colt monitors his momma’s heartbeat, brings her medicine, opens doors for her, and even helps with the household chores. Colt is so well trained that he can help with the dishwasher, he can open and close the fridge, he helps with grocery shopping, and even cleans up after himself by throwing away the trash! He is definitely one talented pup.

YouTube- The Dodo

YouTube- The Dodo

And while Colt’s main job is to be the best little service dog that he can be, he does make some room in his busy schedule to have fun! He likes to run and play as much as the next dog and uses his free time to do just that (he especially likes to play in the leaves)! He’s a fun loving, energetic pup that really is his momma’s hero!

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