Homeless Hermit Crab Finds A New Shell With The Help Of Beachgoers

When a group of beach-goers came across a hermit crab with no shell, they decided to help him find a new home. They gathered a wide variety of shells for the crab and let him examine each one. After refusing a few of them, the hermit crab finally found the perfect one. As the crowd cheers him on, the crab crawls into his new home and scampers off to his next adventure. This animal’s search for a home was all captured on video. Check out the footage below from The Dodo.

This video is a reminder of how important it is to help an animal in need no matter how small they may be. This hermit crab is now safely protected in a shell because of the generosity of these people. The hermit crab uses a shell for two important reasons: to protect its vulnerable body and to keep it from drying out in the sun. While a hermit crab can survive for a few weeks without a shell, animal experts say it is best that the animal find the proper protection.

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