This Dog Looked Like He Turned To Stone, Until His Rescuers Gave Him A Miraculous Makeover

Thanks to the folks at Vet Ranch, Hercules looks like a BRAND NEW dog! Hercules came in looking like stone, with mites and a skin infection, according to Vet Ranch. As you can see from the video below, he came in bare-bones and severely malnourished. Hercules was surrendered from an animal cruelty case, where the horrible owners did nothing to prevent this completely preventable skin disease. His skin was completely crusty, but a simple bath showed that Hercules would easily be on his way to recovery.

Credit: Vet Ranch

Credit: Vet Ranch

After the video showed his progress after only a month and a half, my jaw dropped to the floor! Not all the skin grew back, but considering the condition he was in about 40 days prior, his recovery was nothing sort of inspiring. After two months, the vet determined that this pup deserved the full treatment, which included laser hair growth to have the remaining patches of hair come in evenly. After six months, his progress amazed me even more. Hercules came into the shelter with almost no energy in a lot of pain. Now, he’s unrecognizable, and you could never tell he had such a troubled past. The Vet Ranch staff are rescue angels, and should be proud of their great work!

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